DC Learning & Research Centre [DLRC] – DCSMAT Institutions

DC Learning & Research Centre [DLRC]

DLRC is a knowledge repository created by DCSMAT Institutions for the management and dissemination of digital materials to the DCSMAT community. It covers broadly the fields of management, architecture, commerce and liberal arts and is intended for the use of the faculty and students of the School of Management, School of Architecture, School of Economics and Finance and School of Liberal Arts and Innovation of DCSMAT Institutions.

Some of the main objectives of DLRC are as follows: -
⦁ To provide open access to DCSMAT’s research output.
⦁ To create visibility for our content development to include course outline plans and detailed course content alongwith all resources linked to that session.
⦁ To store pre-recorded video sessions
⦁ To store and make available recorded sessions of online classes as well as physical classes
⦁ To store all guest sessions
⦁ To store and make available evening presentations
⦁ To store publications and research output of faculty and students
⦁ To store video recordings of course inaugurations, batch passing outs, Luminance and other important events.
⦁ To store and make available students' internship reports and project reports digitally.
⦁ To store and preserve other institutional digital assets as required, such as MDPs, FDPs, newsletters, DC journals etc.

Showcasing DCSMAT Institutions
Besides archiving, the DLRC also performs functions such as knowledge management, research assessment and showcasing DCSMAT’s research output.

Streaming Services
DLRC uses streaming technologies for delivering video and audio content over the campus intranet. DCSMAT is one of the major educational institutions in India to have a dedicated high-end streaming server for delivering video streams of classes over its intranet and internet. DCSMAT captures videos from guest sessions, guest faculty sessions, pre-recorded and recorded sessions, extracurricular activities of students, presentations by student groups, research initiatives by the school, MDPs, FDPs and all the programmes of importance. The famous quick time architecture is being used for the streaming services of those videos. The 24 x 7 availability of the videos will help the DCSMAT community to watch and learn important classroom sessions and other programs at their own schedules.