Internship Programs

Acquiring Real-world Skills

training for B.Arch Students

The candidates will have to undergo Internship during the Fourth year of the Architectural programme. The future architects get to work with experienced professionals and gain real-word expertise during this. The report of the internship have to be submitted by the students to the faculty and will be evaluated for the learning and experince gained.

Interior Design Internships

The candidates will have to undergo Internships, during the programme. The first internship (2 Weeks) will be at a professional Design Studio. The second Internship (2 Weeks) will be at an interior designing firm. The candidates will prepare a comprehensive Report. The Report and the certificate from the organisation should be attested by the organisation where the candidate did the Internship and the same will be submitted to the faculty for evaluation. A member of the faculty will supervise the candidates during their Internship.

The Biennale Visits

The students of DCSAAD is taken to the Kochi Muziris Biennale to explore the various artists and their works to instill a desire for creativity and success in the field of design. Moving beyond the regular class-rooms gives the students a world-view into the world of design, art and culture. The activities helps them to have a unique and global outlook as architects and interior designers