Design & Innovation Labs

Carpentry Lab

This lab will enable the students to learn the fundamentals of joinery and also explore their aptitude in sculpting in wood. The lab is fully equipped with all the required state of the art tools. The lab provides avenues for creative exploration and aids in designing furniture and wooden artefacts. Students will be guided through the processes by a master carpenter.

Lithography Lab

Lithography is an art form that aids creativity amongst the students. In this lab the students will be taken through the process of printing from a flat surface treated so as to repel the ink except where it is required for printing - applied on a wood block or a metal plate.

Pottery / Sculpting Lab

The pottery lab has three pottery wheels. Students will be trained in the process of forming artistic objects with clay. The lab attempts to instil new skills and creativity amongst the students and also help them to enjoy the experience of working in clay with bare hands. Needless to add that with pottery, one can produce something to express oneself in some way. Many pottery enthusiasts find the experience soothing. Pottery increases optimistic outlook, , provides an outlet for grief or anxiety, and helps one with self-identification and self-expression, bolstering confidence and self-esteem

Weaving Lab

Students will be trained on loom to weave cloth and tapestry. The main purpose of this lab is not per se the act of weaving, but the act of creating the design for a piece of cloth, bed sheet, or tapestry. The lab boasts of three looms and allied accessories. Mr. Jose Kunnanikkal, a handloom artist with great skills both technical and creative, is the trainer.

Painting Lab (Chitrasala)

Art and architecture are closely interlinked. So what is an architect who does not have the flair for the pure art form of drawing and painting. Chithrashala is a fully equipped 40 seater drawing and painting studio, where students can exercise their full potential for creativity. In this lab,, students will be taken through various painting media like encaustic, tempera, fresco, oil, acrylic & water colour. Our inhouse artist Jignesh is the guiding spirit.

Brick Kiln

A lab where the budding architects can see how the basic building material of brick is made. But the kiln is not only for baking of bricks, but also any other products that can be made for example the products coming out of the pottery lab. In this lab the aim is basically to train the students to make clay products by firing in kiln at high temperatures to give them a hard, durable form - terracotta. Mr. Subramanian VT, an experienced teacher in the field is the trainer