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Radio DC

Radio DC 90.4 MHz FM is a non-profit and non-commercial organization run by DCSMAT at Trivandrum with the help and support from the faculty and the students. Approved by the Information and Broadcasting Ministry, Government of India, Radio DC relays a variety of interesting programmes related to health, civic sense, social awareness, literacy and education with the aim of community development. Women, children and the rural community form the main target audience who depend on the radio for information as well as entertainment.

The first private FM station in Kerala & also the first community FM station in the State.

Radio DC is available 24 hrs round the clock and can be accessed within 20 km from the broadcasting station. It is the first Internet radio to be started in an Indian business school and the first private Community Radio Station in Kerala. Radio DC also has the unique distinction of having an international tie-up with the German Radio and Internet Content service provider “Deutshe Welle” for sharing and exchange of ‘on air’ content. The students take a lot of interest in this activity with about 10 student RJs taking the initiative in various social and community development programmes

Radio DC offers the students of DCSMAT, the rare opportunity of learning, personality development and community involvement, besides the sheer joy and euphoria of being radio jockeys and conducting radio programmes

Program Highlights