Safety & Security – DCSMAT Institutions

Safety & Security

DCSMAT Institutions ensure complete safety and security of the campuses. It must be emphasized that DCSMAT is well known for the safety, security and comfort that it provides to the girl students and the reason for a large proportion of the students being girls. It is also a reason for a large proportion of our students being children of NRIs working abroad. This is one of the prominent USPs of the college.
A team of over a dozen highly motivated and professionally trained security staff equipped with hand-held walkie-talkies provide round the clock security cover to the college.
Security Staff equipped with state of the art two way mobile radio sets for instantaneous communication within the team and with Admin.
Watch towers with high intensity security lights help to maintain vigil day and night.
A dedicated ‘campus patrol’ vehicle provides security cover in the areas surrounding the campus.
Most of the campus is covered by discreet electronic surveillance devices, except for private spaces.

Security of Hostels

• Hostels are provided with round the clock security cover.
• Male wardens and lady wardens reside full time in the hostels.
• Additionally, some lady faculty also stay in the hostels.
• Hostels are protected by high walls and security fencing.

Safe Access

• Though the hostels are located on the other side of the road, there is no need to use the road.
• A subway connects the hostels to the rest of the campus, thus providing safe access.
• Additionally, the ladies’ hostel is connected by a covered steel Sky Walkway, thus enabling the students to step into the classrooms directly from the hostel.

Security of UG Students

• Hostels are constantly monitored
• Any movement of the UG students outside the campus on leave or vacation, is permitted, only after the concurrence of the parent/guardian is obtained.
• UG students are not permitted to be outside the hostel premises without the presence of a faculty.
• UG students are to be accompanied by warden/ faculty when moving out for walks or for visiting places of worship.
• While proceeding on leave, UG students are not permitted to leave after 4 PM, unless accompanied by their parent/guardian. Similarly, when they return to campus, they must reach before 4 PM.

Power and Water Supply

DCSMAT provides 365 x 24 x 7 continuous supply of power and water. For this purpose the college has in place the following:
• 125 KW Generator
• 60 KW Generator as spare and back up.
• 3 x Pumping stations
• Numerous water reservoirs