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Value-based education that enhances academic attainment and helps students develop better skills

Rated as one among the pre-eminent academic institutions of the country, DCSMAT offers a methodically developed and integrated system of education and training to the students. Value-based education is intrinsic to the institution as it creates a strong learning environment that enhances academic attainment and helps students develop better relationship skills.

Both the campuses are designed with a view of inspiring students to remain blended with the environment.

The institution integrates all vital components conducive for a student-centric knowledge imparting system and has coupled it with a congenial environment. A proactive teaching methodology that incorporates case study, discussions on contemporary topics and emerging issues in the world scenario, alongside student mentorship, team work, learning skills and adaptation to technological advancements is practiced. Experienced and proficient faculty design and deliver courses, preparing students for careers while still on campus.


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