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Our Inspiration

Inspirational Leadership

DCSMAT Institutions is promoted by the DC Kizhakemuri Foundation. The institutions draw their inspiration from the innovative leadership of the late DC Kizhakemuri, whose life as a teacher, freedom fighter, social activist, writer and visionary leader and innovative publisher earned him love, respect and immense goodwill during his lifetime, which continue till date. He is the man behind the paperback revolution in India making books affordable to the masses. His relentless efforts finally prompted the then Travancore-Cochin Governor to abolish taxes on books, and subsequently the then Prime Minister asked the states across India to implement it

DC Kizhakemuri (1914 - 1999)
Recipient of Padma Bhushan and Thamrapatra
Founder - DC Books

Glimpses from the Life of DC

I believe success in business is about learning and doing things in time with innovation, dedication and confidence

A picture from the Independence Movement, where DC Kizhakemuri (Circled) is part-taking in a rally, as K J Thomas is speaking
Late DC with Pt Jawaharlal Nehru, First PM of India

Beyond just a brand

DCSMAT Institutions are co-promoted by DC Books Group, founded in 1974 by DC Kizhakemuri himself.

Over the last 45 years, DC Books has established itself as a reputed publisher and has forayed into retailing of books with a chain of 50 bookshops and multi product retailing departments in major cities of South India and bookstore and agencies in Middle Eastern countries including AE, Oman and Qatar . They publish over 1500 titles a year including reprints.

DC Books is the first ISO certified publisher in India and has adopted innovative marketing schemes such as Book Clubs, Book Fairs and Pre-publications. DC Books Dubai is one of the key partners of Sharjah International Book Fair, one among the four largest book fairs in the world.

DC Books also gave the publishing industry a new direction by introducing innovative marketing schemes such as book clubs, book fairs, pre-publication offers etc. They popularized the literature of many authors in Indian languages. They also represent foreign authors, publishers and agents in the Indian market

Ravi Deecee

Chief Facilitator

Ravi Deecee is the President & Chief Facilitator of DCSMAT Institutions. He is also the founding trustee and member secretary of the DC Kizhakemuri Foundation.

Ravi Deecee heads DC Books, one of India‘s largest publishing house. He is also the Managing Director of Current Books, the largest retail chain of book stores in South India. He has travelled extensively across the world delivering lectures and attending seminars in publishing.

He is currently serving in many boards and associations of government and sector specific apex bodies including Federation of Indian Publishers, The Indus Entrepreneurs, Confederation of Indian Industry, Kendra Sahitya Akademi, Higher Education Council etc. to name a few.

He has done his high school education and higher studies in United States of America, and has specialised in Management Education.

A visionary and an innovator, deeply committed to spreading of knowledge, literature, and education, he is the guiding spirit behind DCSMAT Institutions.

Founder Director

Professor Sreekumar Ancheri was the Founding Director, Dean and Chief Advisor of with DC School of Management and Technology (DCSMAT) Group of Institutions till he passed away in 2015. He was an academician who changed the scenario of management education in Kerala. He was instrumental in introducing learning and teaching through case methodology for the first time in Kerala in a big way in DCSMAT. He also introduced the use of Course Management Software – Moodle. Both these initiatives were far ahead of their times in Kerala. He always believed in disruptive innovation and his academic leadership in DCSMAT inspired the faculty and the students to excel in the teaching and learning processes in the DCSMAT Institutions and continues to do so, even today. His academic workshops were a learning platform for every new faculty and his constant monitoring of the delivery of course content is something everyone misses quite fondly.

A fellow of IIM (Ahmedabad) , he holds an MBA from CUSAT and A B. Tech in Electrical Engineering from College of Engineering, Trivandrum. He initially worked at SAIL from 1988 to 1990 and since then had been with Goa University as Dean, Faculty of Management Studies from 1996.

He has held many illustrious positions that include visiting professor at Arero, Portugal and IIM (Kozhikode). He was a regular invitee to IIM Ahmedabad to take sessions on case methodology as a trainer for IIM faculty. To date, his academic leadership continues to inspire the faculty and students.